Landscape Material with Megascan Textures: White lines when using Normal Map

Hi there

I imported some Megascan Textures to build a landscape material. However, when I use the Diffuse map and the Normal Map, I get a White line across the landscape that moves as I move around. I realized that the line only appears when I am using the Normal map. When I remove the normal map, the white line is gone. When looking at the Megascan textures it seems as though the normal map has a white border, but maybe I am crazy.

Anybody else with these issues? Any idea how to fix this!

Many thanks!

What is the name of the texture?

The name of the texture is:


thanks, the material itself looks ok (I see what you mean about the white outline, but that’s a border in the editor - I tiled the normalmap and it didn’t show it)

Can you share a snapshot of it happening?