Landscape material turns default gray while painting

I would like to know if there is any solution for the landscape painting issue I am getting. I am using 7 material layers for my landscape. as soon as I start painting on the 5th layer, the whole area appears as default gray patch/ square. I read through all the previous posts regarding the same in the forum. But didnt get any solution for it. I am using the latest version of Unreal with all latest updates. Please help…


From the landscape documentation:

Another issue to watch out for when painting layers is to avoid having too many textures on one component. The material editor stats show the limit of how many texture samples you are allowed to use, but for Landscape materials the masks for each layer count as texture samples too and do not show in the stats. If a component starts showing the default texture (Grey Squares) when you paint a new layer onto it, it is likely that it is gone over the texture sample limit and either needs to have a layer erased or the material needs to be optimized to use less textures.

Hello SouravSagar,

While Bajee explained the issue and has correctly identified where the problem lies, that solution is not the only one. We typically recommend you user no more than five for individual texture samples. However what you can do is change your individual texture samples into wrapped one.

Steps to Fix :

1.) Go to your textures in your Landscape Blend Material
2.) Click on on of your textures
3.) Change your Sampler Source to Shared: Wrap
4.) Do this for all of your textures.

This is how many I have set up with the blend using this setup.

This system shares the sample space instead of sampling every texture individually. This allows for a greater amount of sampling and textures to be calculated. I wouldn’t get too crazy like 20 textures but this should work for 7.


Thanks a lot Bailey, its working fine now.


Glad it worked. If you would accept my answer so others will know how to resolve this issue.


If in landscape you have a 10 textures and 10 normal textures and 10 specular textures, you need do this for normal and specular too?

Would this also work for ~10ish textures + a few landscape visibility masks? I can’t seem to get it to work with that.

Hi Sentura,

Technically, this should work with up to 128 textures within a single material if all of the texture nodes have had “Shared: Wrap” enabled. I tested this on my end and had 16 textures in 16 layers, all of which rendered on a single component without any noticable errors:

What setup are you using for your landscape material? I might be able to see what is causing the error on your end.

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This worked out splendidly. You can even take the higher level of details and just create a seperate layer blend for them. As long as you connect everything to the right spots and keep your Albedo’s as “Shared Wrapped,” like the man suggests, your landscape should not have overlap issues. I could kiss you friend, thank you!

4 years later and this comment just saved me big time, thank you so much!

I’m a total beginner (literally just following a guide right now) Should I be applying shared wrapped to the normal and roughness layers as well? Cause I did, haha.

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i want to know that too…did you get the answer

This saved me too. Thanks a lot for the post!

What if only one part of my landscape turns grey and other parts can show the material just fine? how do I know if that’s the sampler’s problem? (My landscape material shows only 5/16 samplers)