Landscape material system (The Witcher 3 inspired)


I start a thread for posting all my tests, progress, maybe questions and get some feedback about this landscape material system that i am working on.

I think, the Witcher 3 has very good landscape materials system, it is not so realistic but is very artistic.
The approach for this material based on ideas presented on GDC by Marcin Gollent in Landscape Creation and Rendering in REDengine 3 presentation.
I found that this kind of material blending is smart and robust and so very good for landscape creation.
So i decide to reproduce this in Unreal Engine 4.

As for landscape this also must work for static/movable meshes and vertex painting (there is similar gif for last one).

I want to continue to finally reproduce all of landscape shading in REDengine 3 for Unreal Engine 4, so there will be more content about it soon.

I already post kind of final stuff on artstation:

But there in near future will be more development stuff i hope.

So the main ideas represented:

And some screenshots of demo scene:

Wow, that’s really impressive! Nice work man!

Thanks for the link too, I might try this out some time :slight_smile:

Well yes, it looks exactly like The Witcher 3 material blending technic, would you mind sharing the code?
Do you use normal map for blending or a heightmap?