LandScape Material + SPLAT MAP doesn't fit


I’m trying migrate a Mesh with a Materia to a landscape with a landscape Materia.

I converted the Mesh into LandSCape using a plugin “Mesh to Landscape” from the marketplace.

This is the mesh with materia.


This is how I convert the mesh into landscape. With the plugin I can import the Mesh FBX


I can import the mesh as 4096, and the closed overall resolution that I can get is 4336.
My SPLAT map from the mesh is 4096, so I have added the white spaces to make 4336


Now, I have created a landscape materia, using landscapeCorrd and setting the size of the map, 4336

My surprise is that SPLAT map is bigger than the Mesh/landScape, so meaning the original MESH is not using all SPAT map, only a portion.
I convert the mesh into Heightmap and overlap the SPLAT map to see how I have to move the SPLAT map


So I have added some variables to my LandscapeCoord to move the Scale and UV PAN


I create and instance to use the variables and play with them, but for my surprise, even setting the same resolution and padding the map, I realize that one part fits, the other no…


So my conclusions are that the landscape imported is not in keeping the right ratio, and I cannot change the landscape (it’s done by the plugin), so I’m thinking if I can scale up (widden) only X the splat map, but I don’t know how…

I tried also work with the Height map, but when imported they have artifact, so the landscape generated from the heightmap is worst.

Anyone have any idea how I can fix this problem? I very close, but I spend a lot of days trying to adapt this with no luck.

Thank you.
Best regards

Anyone can help on this? Thanks in advance!

I would break down the tool you are using to figure out what math is being used to cut out the landscape off the mesh.
For all you know the landscape could be getting shrunk during the conversion, and that may be what generates the offset you are seeing…