Landscape material(s) for open world map

I’m trying to build a large landscape using world compostion and the managing of landscape textures gives me headache.

Of course, for performance reasons, I can’t make one landscape material with + 50 layers and for artistic reasons I can’t use only 5 to 10 textures.
I know I can expose the textures of this material as parameters, make instances of this material and override the material of landscape component but it mean that I have to work with many, many material instances as I have to make a new one each time I need to use a new texture, even when I need to change only one

I used many landscape editor like the Bethesda devkit used for the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series and they work with texture slots where you can pick 4 textures for each landscape tile from a list of texture. It’s really user friendly and you focus on art, you don’t have to create anything.

How do you work on large landscape with a lot a texture variation?

Nobody knows?

I don’t understand your question. What’s wrong with creating a material instance per landscape?
That’s just whats expected for ue4.

You had already spent time creating each landscape, what’s one more minute to create a material instance and pick a texture?

I mean if you wanted to make things semi procedural you could try to create some system that creates a dynamic material instance per landscape tile automatically.

Or maybe write some script to create the material instances for you.