Landscape material resolution

Hey there,

So i’ve created the level for my tutorial. Which i started out on a 100x100 and adding components over time but that’s really slow and laggy. But the textures were perfect.

Now i need to create my main map, which is 15-20Km in width. So when i try to up the scale of my landscape the textures just stretch immensely and are quite ugly.

How would i create a large landscape of that size without the stretching?

As in what parameters should i use in the landscape creation?

I’ve looked quite some posts up but none really helped my problem.



Your detail textures are being stretched (you can solve it by tiling it more) or your base color?
Post a screenshot and get the answer right away.

Hey there,

Here are the 2 pictures,

This is the tutorial map.
This is the new map with the exact same landscape material.

Could you post your material setup so that we know how to have textured your landscape? :slight_smile:

You can change the size of a texture with a texture or landscape coordinate node.


That’s the setup, it all goes into blends and then goes to the right nodes. I don’t get why it stretches in the other map tho?

Are you scaling up your landscape like you’d scale up your models by pressing R on the keyboard?


No i did it in the Size. Should i do it by doing it like objects?

Neither of them. Just adjust the size when you are creating your landscape. When changing X,Y values of the landscape after you have created it it’d cause texture stretching plus you are no longer having 1 vert per meter on the landscape. Z value is ok to adjust though, doesn’t hurt much.

Hey there,

What exactly is the Size setting? Since there isn’t really something i see that makes it looking bigger except than making the section size bigger which is quite laggy.

Overall size (vertices) being the size in kilometers. 4033x4033 means ~4km x 4km. In front of it you see the recommended values.

I’ve seen that post. However the naming is different i managed to get the info out of it i need. However the 8km one might be too small, if you calculate the hazard zones, and black spot zones to close off your map. Is it a bad idea to add components to the map later on, will that lower performance?

More components more performance impact. You can however, go up to larger sizes without worrying about it if you are streaming it. Though you should wait for UE 4.8 for the cool stuff.

And by the way, 8km is not small but well, depends on the scale of your project. Try walking from one side of the landscape to the end of the other side to get the idea how large it is then you can decide with more clarity.


I’ve heard of 4.8, when will it be released?

And 8km is not small, but the tutorial zone itself is already quite big. I’m perfectly able to use the entire 8km of the map :slight_smile: But i’ll probably stream as it’s for now mainly SP.