Landscape Material Render Issue ES3.1 Preview

First of all this is my first project and still trying to take in all the new stuff as much as I can. I’ve been trying to fix my landscape material for mobile game for 2 weeks. I have 15 blended material functions and all my textures are set to Shared:Wrap. I’m using feature switch as well. In stats texture samplers count is shown as 2/16. Landscape material works as intended in SM5 preview.

First problem I’ve faced is when I try to paint 3 different layers in the same landscape component. In ES3.1 preview those components have three or more layers turns to grey and stay like that even after compling shaders. I had read that it’s fix to maximum of 3 in the forums. But in my case I can paint each component with more than 2 different layers. I want to apply grass, sand and water materials in the same tile. After I decided to go along with this problem because I couldn’t find the solution. I thought that I already can apply each material without using 3 of them in the same tile and use some foilage to consolidate missing grass material in coastal areas in the world later on.

But here is the second problem comes. I created new dummy level and new dummy landscape material but now with 4 layers in order not to touch anything already in the project. It didn’t work at all. Now even with only grass material applied to whole landscape, everything is shown as grey in ES3.1 preview. Then I opened my old level to see if it’s still working. The whole level is now grey in android preview even though I didn’t changed anything including landscape material and its material functions.

Any idea how can I solve these two issues? thank you all in advance for your time.