Landscape material problem

will anybody please help me i am getting a little problem in painting my landscape. I made a basic material with 7 layers using layer blend node. On the time of actually painting the landscape after making the layer info when i start painting the first layer it works perfectly when i paints second layer it works perfectly when i paint third one it also paints perfectly but the problem is when i click first time to paint the fourth layer the whole landscape gets checked material which is the default material that a bsp with no material has and the landscape doesn’t come back to its original texture. No matter which layer i choose to paint first every time the fourth layer is going to stuck.
Please anybody help me in resolving this issue i will be very thankful to him or her

One of two things:

  1. Lots of fiddling with the landscape layers. Eventually you have to clear the landscape and start again. Just right click on a material slot and choose ‘fill layer’.

  2. You’ve run out of texture space. In the material, you need to click on each texture and change the sampler source to ‘shared wrap’.


There’s a limit to how many texture samples each landscape component can use, it sounds like you are hitting this limit.

This is a big problem for us and something seems very broken, somewhere…
We’re using UE 4.25.4 with the World Composition system on a very large set of landscape tiles. Our landscape material has 7 materials. On painting materials we frequently see whole components go black or gray where we need to hit “clear layer” and worse, periodically *whole tiles *go black and we have to reset everything with “Fill Layer” which of course nukes any landscape painting we had done so far.
I don’t know if the number of landscape paint layers we’re attempting to use is the problem, but if it is, why doe UE let us create them?
I also don’t know if the problem of components going gray is related to the problem of whole tiles going black, but it is very discouraging.
Now it’s time to dig into version control again and do the UE 2 step: 2 steps back, one step forward!

it depends on how your materials are setup. at this time only 16 textures can be used. it was supposed to be doubled to 32 but seems it was not added yet.

when a material has different layers like in my image. each of these textures uses one of the 16 slots.

I really hope you are using material functions then populated in a material or it can get even lower amounts. i think it’s limited to 8 textures.

this is a limitation that has not been addressed yet. so you can only paint a few layers at a time. sorry.

in my screen shot of one layer this material function uses 4 textures of the 16 available.
so only 4 layers can be painted as all of my layers each use 4 textures in their material functions.

hope this helps

thanks, shared wrap is a lifesaver <3

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