Landscape material LOD

Hello, I am trying to make LOD for landscape material. Is there any way to, use RVT? My first idea was to use blended materials for 0-20m distance and for 20+ RVT. But I was not able to make this working. I also triend main material for terrain LOD0 and RVT for LOD1, but this was not working too (LOD1 was black). My last idea was to bake terrain textures into one 4k-8k texture and use this as LOD instead of RVT, but it lacks elegance of using RVT (after each change I have to rebake this texture). RVT is great thing, but not usable for close distance, for large terrain even 4m resolution is not enough. What is proper approach to this problem? Thanks.

why not use rvt for all lods/close ups?

I dont understand. Using just RVT is not an option, in big terrain resolution is too low. And I didnt find way, how to use it just for LOD. Maybe there is, so this is why I am asking. Ideal solution would be mix of RVT and standard layered materials.

can you post pics of your setup and what the terrain looks like up close?