Landscape material layout

Hey all. I’m part way through playing with landscapes and I’m not having a lot of success with one aspect of the material system.

I’m trying to use a “base colour” layer as the default, with additional layers painted on top. So I use a layerblend node to do the blending and this works fine. I have a bunch of info objects that determine the blend factor between the various layers.

Only then I want to use the SAME blending factors for the normals so they don’t get out of sync. Only I can’t seem to select anything but creating a new layer info object for each layer I am using. What I really want to do is plug in the same layerinfo object to both the colour and the normal blends.

Anyone done this successfully?

Also while we’re here, does the height based blend mode for the layer mean that you have to mask a specific height somehow and then export that and import it as a height value? How does that affect the blending? Is it based on max values? I haven’t touched the height based layer blends yet.

Thanks for any input.

Sorry but something isn’t adding up and am not in front of an editor to look it up either.

You shouldn’t be using layerblend you need to be using landscapeblend and naming it correctly so when you go into the paint tool you will see each layer be able to create it in a shared assets folder and paint with it at will. If it works for Base color the normal maps shouldnt matter so I think this is your issue but again not 100% sure being that the issue isn’t completely clear and I am not in front of an editor.

Take a look at the documentation on this as well and perhaps that might solve your issue.

If not perhaps elaborate more.

I just checked and while it’s called Landscape Layer Blend in the Blueprint class list, when you create a new node the title for it is just “Layer Blend”.

Anyway, take a look at how they’ve setup the landscapes in the content examples, looks like you simply need to create a second Layer Blend node with the same layers you’ve defined for your first node, then you plug in your normal maps into that second node. LayerInfo objects are associated with layers so provided your base color Layer Blend and normal Layer Blend nodes are using the same set of layers the LayerInfo setup you’ve already done should be all that’s required.

As for the height blend, I’ve read the docs about height-blend vs alpha-blend a dozen times and I still don’t understand how it works, so I’m hoping someone else can enlighten us.