Landscape material layer system

Hi everyone. I’m texturing a landscape using the Material Layer system (not the traditional layering functions). I’m adding also a PCG with a filter on the layer name, but apparently, the layer name is not accessible in the PCG. Does anybody know how to access it from blueprint?

Thanks in advance.

This is the main landscape material:

This is the layers I’ve created with a masked Material Layer Blend:

This is the resulting landscape texture (in the background the PCG Volume):

The PCG should spawn in the yellow part.

This is the PCG Filter I’m using:

Your color maps options are disabled…

?? Color maps are working fine. The problem is I cant access the layer name in the BP.

Works only with the color map, not with named layers.

if it ever got created/finished/exposed (which i dont thibk it has)
You can try to aceess material layers info off the virtual material.

Like any other material access, You have to create the material in blueprint, assign/promote to a variable, then from that variable you could be able to access a function to pull named layers.
If you get options, then you need to manually assign the created material onto the mesh.

If material layers are still in Beta, then there is 0 reasonable expectation to find any helpful function exposed to blueprint…

I don’t think I get it… The color map you see in the picture is not a built-in feature. It is a color map blend I created to have the landscape layers mapped based on a sort of RGBA(K) map but not limited to only 5 layers: you can have as many colors as you want and blend as many landscape layers as you want with them.

I imagined as much, and what im saying is that you have to use the same texture in blueprint, pull out the same color you need, and use that as the “layer”.

This because material layers are still in Beta and I doubt they include blueprint accessibility this far - but i could be wrong, and you could be able to get something after instantiating the material instance via blueprint.

Does that make more sense?

Oooook, sorry, I misunderstood you. It makes sense, yes. I didn’t know material layers are still in beta. However, I’m not sure it’s the solution I’m searching for. I’ll give it a chance, though.