Landscape Material Issue

using this logic. it only suddenly stopped working and idk what i changed to make it be weird but now im getting these patches of materials which are not even what i usually pick from the paint panel:

(also one thing i did is that i accidentally created multiple layer info for some of the textures because i didnt know you can select the same ones… maybe this caused the issue but idk how to fix it cuz i tried to delete every single layer info related to the 4 textures and it still causes the same issues)

the issue:


when i paint in the map, it leaves patches like this in tiles and i cant paint past that for some reason… and some textures just overlap and make some weird patches which feel like there is some kind of layer on top of them which is blocking them from showing up at certain points

its just a buggy mess pls help :frowning: thank u <3

It started working after I changed the material to opaque… i never changed it in the first place but yeah