Landscape material glitch

i looked around to see if there was a fix for this… but i have not noticed one :frowning:
i have been working on this shader for a day or two now, and im happy with it so far… until i just ran threw my map and the entire world changed material :frowning:
it only happens when i walk to this area(could be more spots my world is huge)

fine in editor
still good PIE
and it breaks over here :frowning:

and then when i get out of play mode… it leaves my camera under the world as if i fell threw a hole… :frowning: any ideas on why this is happening? only using 4 texture samples and two landscape layers

Could you post a picture of your material + how you created the landscape (e.g with the world composition tool,…) :slight_smile:

sure, the landscape is just one big height map and heres my material setup

this would even happen if im not using world composition?
sorry, for some reason in my world options i had world composition checked :frowning: i dont remember checking that stupid little box lol thanks for all the help guys