Landscape Material Breakdown

Hi fellow devs!

We had quite a few requests to do a breakdown on our terrain material on the fb groups “Unreal Engine 4 Developers Community” and “Ten thousand hours” so we crated a short blogpost doing just that.

The material has tessellation, height blended layers and puddles that respect to the underlying textures and can be painted in using a separate layer.

Images of the mat:

Preview of the breakdown:

Hope this is useful to someone and lets them avoid the problems we ran into while crating this material :smiley:

cool, thanks!

It look freaking awesome, soooooooooooooooooooooo realistic!!!

Fabulous work and THX for sharing!


Thanks for the feedback, glad you guys like it!

We actually created a video tutorial on this since last week:

Its part 1 in a two part series.
Feel free to check it out!

on changing the usage on the material to used for landscape, that doesn’t show that on mine what do I do

We are still using 4.12, this flag got removed with 4.13 I think so you should be fine without it :slight_smile:
I added a annotation to the video, thanks for the feedback!

Usage->used for landscape

Since that is missing, what is the substitute then to use “Materials” for Landscapes then? Please answer. Thanks!

See the post right above yours, just skip that step, it should work without it in newer versions of the engine.

Thanks Loginius. I got it work champ.

Glad to hear it!

The second part in our landscape tutorial series is online! It covers procedural puddles!

Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think

Great Work!

Also chief! I want to ask one more question. What is the texture resolution you are using in this tutorial?

Thank you @Ministelis !

We are using 2k and 1k textures for this material. We found that reducing this to 1k or even 512 makes almost no difference under regular gameplay conditions (third person camera) but we like to give options for ultra graphic settings so we will probably leave them in the game.

Got cha. I like the sound of that. Are you on LinkedIn?

Thanks, yes I am on linkedin, havent updated it in forever tho :smiley:

Third and last part of the tutorial is online: