Landscape material and texture export

Please help me !!! Im trying to export my landscape with its material and texture but i failed im trying to put it on blender and maya , i successfully exported the landscape but the material and its texture is a problem pllleeeaasseee

It’s not so easy to export the material as you have painted it with layers -> so you will somehow have to bake the colours from the top view so that you get one single texture for the landscape.
Otherwise when you just want the single textures -> export them from your content browser :slight_smile:

Haven’t yet tried this, but you could place a camera actor in the center of your landscape and then capture the landscape texture using a canvas render target. Tutorials on creating minimaps explain how to do this. Then you can export the canvas render target as an image.

I’ll try this soon because I have a Gaea-generated static mesh of my landscape in which I want to texture using my painted layers. I’ll then use the landscape nanite mesh as a backdrop.