Landscape Materails Can't be used to landscape correctly

I’m learning UE4 by doc,but in “
,I can’t find “Used with landscape”,seem to be removed,but besides this question,I create the landscape material by learning this doc,but when I use the material on landscape,the landscape became blank,I can’t see the material,I just use the same material on StaticMesh,it’s ok .Maybe there are some mistakes in the landscape material? but it’s the same as the doc.
the picture load always 0%,sorry,I can’t provide the picture.



Just provide the picture,please help me

Now I’ve seen this on my end. things I have done that called a change.

  1. Built lighting
  2. painted with just a quick LMB, this called for a recoomple, might have to try with each layer if the quad doesn’t have that layer on it yet.
  3. moved the landscape just a smidge, called for a rebuild of light.
  4. reloaded the map.
  5. reloaded the editor.

This is off topic, but can always try an auto landscape just incase.