Landscape mask layer


I am trying to create a mask layer with a material that I want to apply to the entire landscape and use that to “paint” another material in places where my mask is white, for example.

This is my mask

And I would like to apply a grass texture where it is white but over the whole landscape. I have looked into landscape blend layers and weight layer info but I’m a bit confused over how to achieve this.

Any tips are welcome,

You need to stretch your texture UVs to cover the whole landscape.
You can try this node out

That is the part I have figured out, my question more about how I can use the texture as a mask

Dpending on your material you use it as an alpha for either a Lerp or a Layer Blend.

I understand the theory but how do I achieve this? I have been trying all sorts of things in the materials.

If you want to blend “two” materials setup in the same material, you can use a blend material attributes node and plug your mask into the alpha.
If you’re blending the textures individually you can use a lerp node.

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