Landscape LOD Distribution values "stuck"

I really want to strangle the engine’s source code today…

Does anyone KNOW why the Landscape Streaming Proxy values for LOD Distribution are “stuck” and do not seem to be affected by changing the values of the “landscape” object created by the tile importer and referenced within the streaming proxy?

By sheer mistake I managed to import all 180 tiles in one batch. This SHOULD mean that I can balance my LODs by just altering the Landscape used in the proxy.
Should being the operative word and the reason for wanting to kill the engine’s source.

I know the LODs are not being applied while the game runs in PIE because of the FPS drop and Wire-frame view mode.

I’m not eager to go though 180 tiles for the 20th time in a week …
If anyone has gone through these wows I’d appreciate suggestions.

note: Obviously if I remove the Landscape or clear the value for the streaming proxy the LOD values can be altered - which is what I was referring to having to do 1 by one (or 4 by 4 or however many tiles I can load at the same time).

Holy *****… make a forum post ranting and the issue disappears.
Excuse me if I resort to doing this more often :stuck_out_tongue:

After restarting the engine 3 or 4 times, eventually loading the tiles took the Landscape values.