Landscape Loading Message Problem 5.4

I am using 5.4.2 and suddenly Unreal started to give a loading message that says “Waiting for texture resources to be ready for landscape”. This prevent sculpting the terrain. I tried different marerials and different projects with 5.4.2 and it gives same loading message. 5.1.1 also gives same message but it disappears in seconds.

I have got the same issue, when i disable landscape layers the problem dissapears but when i enable them agian same issue.

So i figured out that the infinite loading only occurs when i use: sections per component 2x2.
My landscape resolution is 8191x8191, section size 255x255, number of components 32x32.
So when i use sections per component 1x1 the loading finishes after a couple seconds but the editor performance is very bad and simulating in normal editor viewport is 30fps and when i switch to fullscreen its 150fps.

Disablinh edit layers solved the problem so far. Thanks

If anyone can find another fix that doesn’t involve changing the landscape please let me know, The landscape on my project is 3 months of work in and we cannot change it as I am the only one having this issue.

The issue for me was actually the water brush manager. It uses hard references to all of the landscapes for deforming and temporarily removing it seems to have fixed the issue without causing too much headache to work around. hopefully this helps someone else.