Landscape Limits, with "Shared Wrap"

need more information. pictures of your material setup would be useful as well.

do the textures show up correctly in the content browser?

Yes, and the strange thing is Custom. layer 3 Works Fine…, But 1 and 2 are Blank.

So… Its a Bug?, they are all setted shared wrap.
And on Layer View on PaintTollscreen they are Black too.

post a picture of the material showing the layers please.

it sounds like it could either be a compression setting issue or a bad vector but it’s really hard to guess from here.

Hey, I have an Strange Problem with my Landscape Material, my Custom Hand painting Layer are Black?
,And thats whitout an Reason, because they are Samplers with Shared WRAP,so No Texture Limit…but i have Problems

My Custom Layer 3 Works Perfect, 2 Not Working, 1 Black too

Any Ideas?

Well i just Modified Auto Terrain Cover, Plugin, from Kevin Mitchell, and there, i just add, Layer Blend for Custom Layers, and all off them “Shared” Wrap,

so… i can show you Pics, but i dont think they would be Helpfull, anything Special?

And yeah of the Master Material are also all " Shared Wrap", from Auto Terrain Cover Plugin.

So i dont know where is the Problem

, I can show you Screenshoots, but … you must Say what ya want to See

and Thanks!


Hey sorry, for the Late reply, i was busy

so here are Some screenshots

i just use layer blend, and the first ist the Automatic Layer
the Second Hand Painted Layer, but Custom LAyer 2 Not working, and 3 ,looks same and its working !

and at the End they are just Break Material attributes.


Facepalm for me…

i forgot, that i have an " Boolean parameter that disabled the diffuse" … , and at my instance it was turned off…

Oppsie… but thanks for ja answers!; wish ya a nice day !.