Landscape Level Streaming Hitching

Hi there, I am using World Machine to make a tiled landscape to use with world composition. It will be an 8kmx8km total size. I have tried a single 8k heightmap, and also 2017x2017 and 1009x1009 tiles. The issue I have is no matter what I set up in project settings for level streaming, I get massive hitching in PIE when loading and unloading landscape tiles during gameplay. I want to avoid using a single 8k landscape due to the number of draw calls. What have others done in order to mitigate this? I don’t really want to use tiny tiles, as that would mean hundreds of sub levels just for landscape. I would like to think there is a better way to manage async loading and unloading without it freezing the game for a moment every time a sublevel streams in and out. Any pointers on what to look for or modify would be amazing.