Landscape layer problems after deleting unused layer

I deleted a layer from my level that wasn’t being used and I’m having issues with the other layers. The issue seems to be that the landscape texture is refusing to use the normal map and is applying a lot of specular to random components in the landscape.

The tile without the sheen is correct. The glossy tiles are the ones having the issue. Repainting all the layers on the errant tiles does not fix the problem. Is there a fix for this short of starting over with the landscape layering?

Remove layer paint or re-add layer paint. When you are in landscape paint mode you can remove paint too. I think it’s STRG Left mouse. It may be related to one of the layers wrongly setup to weight blend.

I’ve noticed this problem in my landscape material. It was caused by the inputs of my different materials. One had a roughness/ambient occlusion map but the other didn’t have anything plugged in so it just used the default. Might not be the same problem but who knows.

I ended up fixing this by exporting the layers to a file and rebuilding all the material functions. I then deleted the layers and replaced them with new copies. I then reloaded the saved layer data into the new layers. It seemed to clear up the problem.

@NateMc4:: I also noticed that if you are using a MakeMaterial node in your material functions and happen to leave an input unconnected, you get this problem.