Landscape layer masking with texture?

Hello everyone, I have a simple question about the layers for landscapes

I want to mask the layers with a texture from world machine like the flowmap and deposition map etcetc. So I want to know how I can do that so I can utilize the new procedural foliage system that uses the landscape layers. I know I simply can use lerping and just NOT use the landscape layers to get around that, but I want to make this ready for the foliage system that comes in 4.8. And If not I want a better blend between the layers, like not the smooth transition there is now, but a either or based on a grunge texture, I really dislike the smooth transition on especially rocks where there should either be rock or there should be dirt/grass. Nothing between.

This is what I have been doing until now; but I am looking into the blend node, but that one can apparently only mask with a height map which I don’t want to do.

Edit; This kind of blending is what I am talking about; Rust — Explore, Build and Survive

I assume you are referring to this image

If so, its just a case of using Height blending as opposed to weight blending.

You can use the alpha channel of your diffuse to store a BW image which essentially tells it which areas should appear first. Black appears last and white first, and anything in between.

I think it’s worth mentioning however, that the landscape layer is still painted in the same way and wont affect how foliage is painted onto the terrain. As in, it still uses 0-1.

Sure that works but when you have large landscapes on even just 4x4km then with a 4k map 1 meter of that map would be 1 pixel on the BW map. I have an 8k flow map on an 8x8km large landscape and It was very blury so I used a contrast node to sharpen it up, but every line is still just straight lines.

What I kind of asked for was the blending between the different layers with a grunge map like the image you have. There seems to be no way to do anything about the layer blending itself other than a height map, which wont really help me because that is not the issue. This; is what I meant. This is what I get when I use lerping with a BW image… I simply just want to change the blending to use a tileable grunge alpha instead because a blending between 0 and 1 really do not work on most types of landscapes.