Landscape issue - Material normal doesn't apply to landscape

So I’m using UE5 + World partition and I’ve noticed a problem with the “LandscapeStreamingProxy”.

My Material’s normal doesn’t apply to whole layer UNTIL I fill the entire landscape component with that layer.

In addition, the landscape component’s specular value changes after adding a second landscape layer.

I’ve tried searching online already and found only 1 post with no comments.

I’m using the open world starting map if anyones wondering

Solution found!

Landscape layers needed to have identical inputs inside my material.

Plugged a normal map + specular value into every layer.

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What do you mean by identical inputs?

I created a “Layer Blend” node with only 2 colors connected to it, and the layer blend node connected to the base color of “M_Landscape” which is the material I created. I watched many tutorials on landscape materials and while replicating every move, the material doesnt show up in any case.

I was following this guide. Check at 14:12

So it doenst work, and im also using the open world level.

My issue was with the “MakeMaterialAttributes” node, I think yours is a little different.

What do you mean it doesn’t work?
As in it doesn’t show up in the material’s viewport or you can’t paint the floor?

It doesn’t change the material of the landscape in the viewport, it stays in the default gray grid checkboard texture, and I can’t paint.

I changed the landscape material, tried to create the “Weight-Blended Layer” and the “Non-Blended” Layer Info things, tried the Fill Layer, everything that I found out there about applying material to the landscape didn’t work.

Hmmm, sounds like your Material instance isn’t linking to each partition.

When you put the Landscape Material Instance in the landscape actor, you need to also place it in all the Landscape Streaming Proxies actors as well.

The open world template comes with world partition enabled, providing landscape proxies.

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Thank you. I was wondering why it wasn’t working.