Landscape is disappearing when I play my test level

Hey everyone. I’m really afraid the answer is going to be me forgetting something simple, but I have looked at everything and I can’t wrap my head around why this is happening.

In my simple test map to practice learning the engine tools, I have made a simple landscape with the gravel material. I built lighting and then launched into the game, and the landscape is completely gone. I can see the shadows created from the built lighting, but the landscape and its collision is 100% missing. What is going on? :frowning:

-check if you have any culling volumes in your level
-make sure to use the “epic” quality settings
-try it with another landscape + level and check if it happens everytime or just in this special map :slight_smile:

lighting? what’s it called lighting importance volume?? or do you even have a light in that area?

i’d rebuild first then check my lighting

Thanks for the replies everyone. It turns out Unreal was just being buggy. I closed unreal and relaunched and everything was fine. Amazing how I didn’t try that in the first place. Weird bug to say the least. Sorry and thanks!

Memory Leak … yeah…

second time this has happened… I went to bed and woke up with this…
Usually around 900Mb to 1.2Gb for my project

I am not sure if this is same reason but I had same bug - changing value in LOD: Desired Draw Distance for landscape make it dissapear in play mode. I had to make new landscape and never touch this function :frowning:

@Sadaleus I was able to repro this 10/10. Engine bug still present

@Sadaleus @bobtheturtle](https://forums.unrealengine/member/11176-bobtheturtle) - This engine bug is still present. Changing value in LOD: Desired Draw Distance for landscape from Zero to any number make my landscape disappear in play mode. Changing it back to Zero, didn’t fix the problem, so I’m assuming it must be an engine bug. The following solution DID fix the issue. (from another similar but different thread-thanks JonathanArmstrong](https://forums.unrealengine/member/722822-jonathanarmstrong))

Modes>Landscape>manage>+ new landscape (dropdown)>change component size>leave everything the same as the previous terrain>Resize mode=Resample>apply.


This worked for me skipping the “Resize mode=Resample” step. I just went into landscape>mange>change component size>apply

This engine bug is still present in 4.25.4. My landscape disappears when playing in editor after changing the desired draw distance.