Landscape influence

Wanted to ask you if there is some way of making a “weapon” that could effect a landscape? Can you attach a “sculpt” effect to it?

Hi Kvazimodo,

Currently we do not have landscape that can be altered in real time. I do not have a timeframe on when or if this will become available. However, we encourage you to take a look at the source code, it is possible you may find something there that can adjust features to suit your needs!

That is quite unfortunate. Maybe there is a way to use something instead of landscape?

Is it possible to make a gun that will have an effect of a vacuum cleaner sucking a heap of sand? The heap must be made of something that shrinks in size while the gun is working.

I think you could fake that effect with a particle system and morph targets.

Interesting, will need to try this out. Thanks Skynet. If there are any other ways, I am anxious to know.