Landscape help?

Hi i’m pretty new to Unreal so please be gently to me O:), did try UDK but never got stuck to it. But i thought i give UE4 a try and now i love Unreal, I will newver go back to either Cryengine or Unity3D!

But my problem is the landscape tool i come from Unity3D and CryEngine, I can model in the Landscape tool but I can’t paint materials/textures on it :S
Is it not possible to paint? or should I use an external tool like mudbox/Zbrush (i have done some landscapes in Zbrush before but painted them in the Engine) Whats your opinion? I’m open for suggestions :slight_smile:

the paintbrush allows you to paint textures on your landscape, use them to mask out placement for the materials,

enjoy :slight_smile:

thanks a lot iLLo I will read through this documents a bit awkward that I did not search better just scroll true the forum :o

When you prefere a tutorials as videos, then take a look at this one: :wink: (there I show you how you can create a basic landscape material)

Well thats nice :smiley: I will take a look at them to :smiley: thanks fighter5347