LandScape Help Please

O.k. So I have a pretty big landscape and I import the 4 raw files and use world composition to put them in a single landscape together, but there is an issue, u can still see the line where they connect in certain areas and when u smooth or sculpt any part of the landscape it pops up the edges. we can’t figure out why

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Could you post a picture? :slight_smile:

I can show you, we got it lined up perfectly in the world composition map

I dont get why its doign this it is lined up perfectly int he levels map

Hmm, seems like there went something wrong during the exporting from your world tool (or probably it’s a bug -> havent used the world composition tool for a long time). Cut your landscape into 4 different parts and try it again. Otherwise sculpt the terrain so that it fits together -> :slight_smile:

I have re imported a few times, this was an issue in earlier 4.7 versions they fixed it for tiled landscape but it still does it for this. its mad frustrating cuz i cant fix it and i dont want to mess up my terrain

I can not figure this out at all, its driving me crazy and frustrating me beyond a normal level of wanting to punch a wall

Probably this thread will lead you into the right direction ->