Landscape Heightmap Isn't Growing

So I made an outline of the house I planned to build in my level using Geometry Blocks and now that I’ve got that done, I planned to sculpt a few hills around the level and forest to bring some more realism but the problem is that my sculpting only goes a certain height and doesn’t go any higher and I can’t seem to make it go any higher, any one know how to fix this?

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It’s you tool settings.What do you have here?:

I have .5 for strength, Target Value Unchecked, 500 for brush size and fallout is .5 and Clay Brush is unchecked I think its a glitch only way I found that the heightmap will grow normally is if I get a whole new landscape and replace the old.

The heightmap won’t be able to go any higher because heightmaps are a grayscale image that works by reading a value per pixel, if the pixel is white it’s at maximum height. The landscape’s transform can be scaled up in the inspector but the resolution will need to be increased so it doesn’t look spiky.

Hm interesting, where can I find this inspector and where can I increase its resolution?

Is the details tab where I can find the resolution as well?

Thanks so much!

Sorry not inspector, the landscape actor’s transform in the details tab.

That’s in modes > landscape tab > manage > change component size