Landscape height blend doesn't blend as intented


I would like to blend my textures based on heightmaps, for this i made this material (blue and red colors was for a better reading of what was happening) :

My results so far are clearly not what i expect from a heightmap blending, all i see is like a basic opacity blending between two textures, i can’t even reach the red color with full strenght on the tool :

I made my textures inside Substance Designer, so i’m pretty sure i have correct heightmaps.



What i’m expecting is if i use my “mud” layer, it’s gonna fill the grass texture based on the grass heightmap (darker part of the heightmap will be filled first, then the grey part and finally the white), it’s what we would expect from a “height-blend” right ?
If someone have a solution i would gladly hear it, is it my shader who’s lacking something ? Did i miss something ?

Thank you for your time if you’re reading this, and sorry for my poor english.


You need to erase the other layers as well as paint the layer you want to get to “full strength” on a layer.

Well i guess of course if i erase the moss(blue) layer, i will get full strength on the mud(red) layer but if the material behave like this it means there is no blending based on heightmaps and that’s not what we want.
We see a pink color, this means there is 50% blending between the moss(blue) and the mud(red), but i see no heightmap involved.

Hi. Have you found a solution to create an appropriate heightblend blending? thx in advance