Landscape Grass Output and GrassType improvements

Feature request at answer-hub:

Recently I’ve made feature request for bugfixes and features to LandscapeGrassOutput. I’ve worked on Landscape Auto Material and got a lot of feedback on beautiful LandscapeGrassOutput system. And thanks for Epic, many of this features was implemented.

There are features\bugs that still actual (there are tons of emails about it) and I would to request:

  1. Collision generation tool for Landscape Grass Output meshes with collisions. No need to do it dynamicaly, it could be baked for one time on the map to consume performance.
  2. It would be great to have an opportunity to switch grass output references in material instances. Currently if you want to change GrassOutput - you need to duplicate a whole master material.
  3. LandscapeGrassType could slow to display grass on game start with high density grass. There is need to delay level start until grass generates around camera or somehow to fix this issue:
  4. In case of values of Min and Max scale in LandscapeGrassType are simillar - scalling doesn’t work at all. So it’s impossible to make uniform scale using this input fields.

Thank you and best regards,
Dmitry Smirnov
VEA Games