Landscape grass not aligned with ground

As shown from the images, grass clips through the ground in some locations and it floats in others. The collision and LOD settings are correct, as you can see, the character stands on it perfectly and is perfectly aligned with the ground. When I manually place foliage using UE Foliage tool, it works fine, the problem only occurs when I use landscape grass.

The meshes are aligned well with the origin (the bottom of the grass is at the origin) and scaling settigns are uniform static (1,1,1). Changing any of the grass settings (eg. rotation and alignment) does not do anything to fix this.

Any help would be appreciated a lot! Thanks!

Not sure if this is the standard way of fixing this problem, but I always avoid making the bottom of my grass mesh flat. I usually stretch the vertex on each blade down a little (underground) which works for the style of grass that I make. I’ve noticed even in games produced by major studios that sometimes the bottom of the grass hovers above ground and this is the easiest and simplest way I have come up with to solve this problem. Hope that helps!

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Good Idea. But how do I solve the grass being below the terrain though?