Landscape Grass instancing 'Starting distance' and world space noise transition zone

What I would love to have is to be able to set not only the culling distance but also the distance at which the instances start. This would allow us to have finer control over LODs by designing meshes that cover a larger area for far away objects but less of them.

In this case it’s for grass. I am having a lot of them near camera, and them as they transition off into the distance, I would like to be able to have another grass type begin (with them not rendering near camera). This far away type would be a larger mesh but larger and designed as a cluster to fake the idea of many instances.

Taking this further, a curve to be able to ramp up and down the density of instances with distance would let us blend these transition areas in a nice way and help with the ‘line’ you see along the transition point.



just bumping to see if this is possible. Or if someone could give me a heads up as to where the code is that prepares the data each frame for telling the HLOD what instances to render…