Landscape Grass Exclusion Boxes

Trying to mask out where grass is autoplaced by landscape material. (To prevent clipping with player placed objects). Currently have a render target setup on the player that periodically updates a texture which then updates the landscape texturing in that area, but also tries to remove the grass.

Grass is removed only when the material is compiled, it doesn’t seem to update in game to the new RT data - even when calling grass.flushcache console command. While messing with cvars I noticed** grass.IgnoreExcludeBoxes** & grass.DumpExclusionBoxes

I wanted to see if I’m missing something, I cant find any documentation on grass exclusion boxes, do they exist somewhere? Is there a way to enable them? Would be perfect for this usecase, there is a very old thread with some 404ing issue trackers so not sure what the status on this is:

Can always fall back to masking the actual grass material, instead of the landscape grass output, but wanted to see if this feature did actually exist, since adding a simple volume to my player placed objects which excludes grass would be perfect.

Thanks in advance!