Landscape grass culling not working right?

I have recently noticed that my grass layer is very heavy even it shouldnt be (it cuts 20 or more fps away). Have set end and start cull distances in landscape grass type files to 2000. But some reason the bigger meshes (mushrooms, no longer in the pic) show much further than 2000. Enabled shader complexity view and seeing grass meshes appearing in very far distance. Even those should appear only inside 2000.

In landscape material I have added clamp to make sure grass layer isnt multiplied (even probably it shouldnt affect cull distances). Grass density, polygon amount/lods and materials should be low already so suspecting the cull distance to not work rigth.

Landscape size is 8k.

In that pic I wouldnt expect to see the pink grass shapes on ground. Should appear only near the low side where you can see the green dots from fading grass meshes.

Hi SaOk,

Do you have a sample project that this is occurring in or repro steps for us to be able to accurately pinpoint the issue?


I will try to make repro demo in near day. Once getting rid of flu fever.