Landscape grass & collision

Anyone know if there’s a way to get collision working when using Landscape Grass type?

Great tool otherwise but it removes collision from all of the meshes, which is kind of drag since you could use this to spawn rocks, bushes etc.

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The collision setting should be on the Foliage editor panel :slight_smile:

I tried that one but it seems that if the mesh is spawned with the new Landscape grass tool, it removes all of the collisions without option to enable them :confused:

Atm it’s not possible to add collision to your grass types -> so you will have to use the foilage tool or the Procedural Foliage placement :slight_smile:


"Hi Carbonology, unfortunately the grass instances exist only fleetingly and get created when nearby the camera and destroyed when you move away, and as such cannot easily have collision enabled without impacting performance.

The main problem is we store only the information required to render the grass instances rather than the full CPU-side data we would need for collision. Creating that data and also enable physics would substantially slow down the grass system.

For gameplay-related foliage requiring collision, I suggest you use the foliage system (either manually or with the new Procedural Foliage placement) which creates actual instances and allows you to configure collision."