Landscape From World Machine Not Large Enough

Hey guys,

I have the standard version of World Machine (the first paid tier). Whenever I make a 2k (2049) map, export the heightmap, and import it into Unreal, it looks great, but it’s way too small. If I go up to 4k in WM and export/import, Unreal’s Landscape import feature never goes above 2049 on the resolution (and the dropdown is gone – bug?). Is UE able to import larger than 2049? One workaround I have found is scaling everything by about 300%. This kind of works, but the nice landscape features go kind of flat.

Any help is much appreciated.


The heightmap/texture size is 4k -> so when you need larger terrains, you will have to use the world composition tool. So you will have to split up your heightmap + import them separately :slight_smile:

Hi, I was understood that you can import 8k heigtmap texture fro landscape

But i probably would listen to jaja

That said, you probably should scale up the landscape when you import to fit the WM dimensions:
check this link specially where talks about scale:

You can use 8k heightmaps, but I dont know if they will work very well as the texture size is 4k and you have to change some stuff to import 8k textures -> https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Content/Types/Textures/SupportAndSettings/index.html#enginetextureresolutionlimit :slight_smile:

That does not apply to landscape heightmaps although in general your advice is good. Four 4k landscapes are probably more manageable than a single 8k but that can depend on your project setup. For just visual testing and iteration there is nothing wrong with 8k but once you get into performance concerns and multiple people trying to work in the level, splitting it up will help.