Landscape for open world survival game - Brushify


My name is . I’ve been working on a multiplayer survival game for a while now and I am looking for someone that could create an awesome landscape for me using the Brushify grasslands/forest assets. The map needs to be big enough to fit around 20-30 people and needs to be very optimized graphics are still very important.

Thanks for your time reading, looking forward to hearing from you soon :slight_smile:

They there, would love to chat about working together as we love Survival games! In the meantime here are some questions that might help clarify your needs to others who might be reading this thread:

  • Did you have a rough idea for how many square KM you think would comfortably fit 20-30 people in your game
  • What biome did you have in mind?
  • Just the landscape/terrain or would you like props or buildings placed?
  • Rivers, lacks, waterfalls or oceans?