landscape for newbies

Hello everyone, I’M new to UEFN and i ran into a issue with the landscape mode. when i started my world i went to landscape mode as per usual and made a landscape. i then went onto sculping however it didn’t allow me to do that. I’ve been struggeling with it for a few days now and are hoping that someone can help me out. I tried to make it work and accidentaly made 2 new landscapes that aparenly can’t be deleted so maybe that is the issue? I have tried playing around with every setting i could find however i didn’t have any luck doing so. I suspect that it could have been the texture that is default alpha texture like shown in the pic below? anyways thanks for listening :slight_smile:
good day!

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Hi, it could be multiple things, so here are a couple of things to look at and try:

This lets you select the landscape you wish to edit, when you have multiple. Make sure it is set to the one you want to edit

You set it to using an alpha brush to paint. You can go back to the default one that does not use a texture by pressing the first button here

Your brush size is very small, I believe it is 5 if I can see it well on the picture. Usually this value is somewhere around a few hundred of a few thousand instead. And your strength is also high. These values below would be normal ones

You should also be able to delete the other landscapes you no longer want via the world outliner panel.

Hope one of these things help!