Landscape file causes crash

Ive decided to try making another anyway, backup files are blank for some reason ?

file is up for grabs to see why it doesnt work for ue4 techs ?

Hi ,

I’ll be happy to assist you, however I need a bit more information to understand what is occurring. What version of the editor are you currently using? Was the project created in this version or updated from a previous version? Additionally, did the crash produce any logs? If so, please upload the logs here, they can be found in the filepath \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\saved\logs.

not sure if this is the file or not.

background, 4.6 - made the game from scratch in there, made a map, only had a landscape with splines, material caused crash when updating/applying to landscape. then opening map caused crash.

updated to 4.7, brought along project, still crashes on map, starting map over, material has been salvaged from landscape, im not sure, but i think it can also still causes crashes on new landscape, so could be material issue.

could you send me a link to private message to send log? cant upload here

You can private message me on the forums (same name as here), though the logs can be put into a . to be uploaded here. If you remove the material from the landscape does the landscape still crash? Additionally, does the editor crash immediately upon opening the project or only after a change is made?

link text

i seem to remember removing the landscape mat and saving before the issues came, also im unsure if the .log file is correct ?
also its 4.61 project

Alright, If you go into your contents folder and remove the .umap containing the landscape, then open the project, does the project crash? Additionally, completely remove the landscape mat from the project. I was able to open your landscape without any crashes or errors on my end.

yeah i just created a blank project i can also get it back, so thats good, thanks man, would you like me to send whole project through private message ? it effects both 4.7 and 4.61.

That is perfectly fine, if you upload the project to a dedicated FTP server such as dropbox and send me the link I’ll be able to pull it from there.

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We have not heard from you in a few days. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.