Landscape feedback

So, i’m developing this map and i want some feedback about how to make it better, i want to make look better and amazing, here some pictures

The map



Ever tried out World Machine?

Definitely try world machine.
And here is a thread with a lot of good info on painting terrains. (my noob questions when I switched from CE to UE4)

The problem with world is, i need to buy it, and now i can’t do that, but, i will try the trial version and see what happend

I have a blog with a tutorial on how to setup landscapes with World Machine. Make sure to check it out:

From the World Machine web page

Again, i can’t use World Machine for this project

Thanks for everything by far

If you can’t afford world machine you can’t afford to release a game commercially.

I wouldn’t worry about doing anything commercially for many years. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck!