Landscape Experimentation

Hey guys! Here’s a scene I’m working on to test materials, lighting, weather, and reflections.
I have a small to-do list below and I’ll keep adding to the project. So far, there’s no specularity on the shaders because I didn’t quite feel my project was ready for it.
Now that the colors are all dialed in, I’ll probably get started with that.

The resolution on the textures is extremely low right now, so I’ll be focusing on that so I can get a more photorealistic look.
I’m going for a cinematic feel with the color here. The blacks are a bit deeper and color slightly more vibrant, makes it easier to work with foliage.
I’m also getting nasty alpha artifacts so I’m definitely getting on that soon.

I’m on a crappy Mac Pro from 2009 so I can’t do too much graphically with UE4 unfortunately.
Until I get back on a good Windows machine, I’ll have to keep everything pretty low resolution for the sake of my framerate.



  • Seasons for foliage (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

  • Specularity Tuning (currently set to 0)

  • Subsurface Scattering

  • Improve Textures/Alpha

  • Volumetric Clouds

  • Weather System

  • Rain


  • Spawn droplet particles on collision

  • Create puddles over time

  • Create droplets on player

  • Snow

  • Snow build-up over time

  • Create snowflakes on player

  • Dust

  • Grunge build-up over time

  • Add grunge to player over time

  • Animate player to shield face at certain intensity of wind


Removed stills for Gif. Started working on specularity and alpha. More on that soon

Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Looks great, I love seeing this kind of stuff :3

Thanks guys, I’m really looking forward to working on it more. Especially now that I’ll potentially be working with a very talented developer. Stay tuned!

I’m with you man ! If you reach to do this, I’ll pay you for that, no matter the price !! :smiley:

Just a quick update, all landscape materials are now ready for PBR with tessellation and displacement. We also have a brand new landscape in the works for a sample map.
The master material we’re going to be releasing should be more than enough for any serious project.
I had to borrow my friend’s computer for a few hours to work on this stuff since my PC is only capable for Shader Model 3, but everything will be looking REAL nice when it’s done.

Thanks for checking out my thread guys! I’m excited to show you guys more as it comes along. Cheers!

wow that’s awesome, really interested to see what has been made so far, for the weather system are you planing on adding a stormy weather like heavy rain and lighting

Yes. We’re working on having it blend seamlessly from sprinkling mist to a full on storm. Same thing goes for snow.

Yes, basic landscape, some trees and the ultra dynamic sky blueprint in it. can be done in 20 minutes. what about it?

So you’re telling me you can model/texture trees and grass and set everything up in under 20 minutes? Guess I should quit then.

I dig that gif. A lot.

Thanks Allar! Means a lot coming from you. Unfortunately it’s highly compressed as to not eat up everyone’s bandwidth/data lol

Have you made any progress?