Landscape editor ( material) crashed

Hello all! After the forced upgrade to 5.1.1. broke editor. Can not replace / change any landscape material, permanent crash

Hey there @Rozeff! I think the best first move would be to get clear the shadercache and see if it still crashes. To do this, first back up your project, then go into your project’s folder and delete the Intermediate folder (you could also reach into Saves and delete both the Shaders and ShaderDebugInfo folders) and they will regenerate upon your next launch. Let me know how that goes!


Thank you for your reply! But unfortunately it didn’t help
But, I noticed a new feature in ue 5.1.1 - When you create a new landscape in a project, it splits into several sectors, while on my level( the old one) it is solid. Can this be a problem?

Are you referencing the landscape streaming proxies? They aren’t quite a new feature, but if you had a landscape without them prior (I believe created before world partition existed) that could have been the case.

Are you using world partition or world composition? Is streaming currently enabled?

Only in the starting level of the 3rd person I see that “Streaming Disable”. There is no such function in the world settings, the only thing I can - Enable “World Composition”.
And what’s important : on the starting 3-person download (where I can change what I need, including material) streaming proxies are available.

Maybe I need change World Composition to World Partition(World Partition in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation) on these steps?

Ahhh yes, so your old level was on the old level system. World partition being enabled by default on new projects means you’ll be utilizing streaming proxies. The transition should have been seamless, as I’ve brought over multiple 4.27 projects over from world composition to 5.03/5.1. You can’t see enable streaming because your world isn’t setup for world partition yet so you nailed it.


Good day, I was able to solve the problem with W.Partation/Composition. I was able to change the Landscape material, all that’s left to do is tidy up this level. Thank you @SupportiveEntity for your responsiveness and pointing me to the right solution.
Who will have this problem: How to Convert Levels to World Partition in Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial - YouTube

Still, I don’t think the World Composition editor should crash when it does. Mb it really is a bug .

Absolutely! I’d recommend dropping a report for it so anyone upgrading from older projects running into it in the future might be saved!