Landscape editing and movement


Is there a way to speed up movement around a landscape in the editor when moving? I am getting RSI in my finger while scrolling around the landscape :slight_smile:

Use the WASD keys :slight_smile:

They are not working when in edit more, only in play mode. IS there something wrong with my setup?

I forgot to mention that you have to hold right mouse button + WASD :o

Sweet, thanks :slight_smile:

Change camera movement speed. Last one on the right: d29304ba896cfb3d1f4d5c97126abe48e02e1351.jpeg

Yes, thats good to know as well. If the developers are listening a clickable mini-map would be nice :slight_smile:

Go into top view, select something near where you want to go and right click for snap view to object.

Yes, except when ‘making’ the landscape thee is noting yet to click on, but thanks for the tip. I didn’t know I could jump to objects from the list.