Landscape Edit Layers in World Composition

Hi, how to enable Landscape Edit Layers for World Composition Landscapes in UE 4.25? Is it possible? I can’t find any documentation about it.
Please advice.

There is no option when you import tiles, but you should have the option when you load up an individual tile.

I’m not sure (as I would not even bother trying with the terrains I’m working on) if once the option is enabled you are then able to make use of it form loading the tiles within world composition.
My guess is probably Not in my case, too large a terrain. But maybe yes on something with only a few tiles.

I wojld just do everything in 1 level with multiple landscapes, then export the height map, cut it up to the correct size, and import tiles.

By chance will there be enable edit layers with new world comp ? Can’t imagine why they woudn’t have made this work right off in world comp given how popular it is for obvious reasons. Just seems very backwards to leave out that many devs ability to be able to use non destructive terrain editing etc.

There’s an option now at the beginning when you first load them up but i left that unchecked. Anyone know how to enable editing on tiled heightmaps once they are already imported? I don’t see an option except for the default landscape actor but that has no effect.