Landscape eats up all my ram

Hi everyone,

I recently began playing with Tiled Landscapes, but now I basically can<t do anything. As soon as I move in the editor, it starts using ALL of my ram (32Go), which can<t be normal. I am using quite a big terrain I admit, but surely it should not use all that? I am using a 12x12 2K tiles

When you say “12x12 2k tiles” are you talking about Overall Resolution? Or is the texture on the landscape 2k? I’m confused by what you mean. Also, just double check that you didn’t mix up the numbers and say, set the tiles to 2k and the resolution to 12x12.

Yeah, I was not very clear, my bad. I will try to be clearer.

I made the world in World Machine. 12x12 tiles, and each tile is at a 2k resolution

Ok, I think that’s your problem. If each tile is 2k resolution, that’s way, way higher than you actually need. If you’re trying to do a landscape that complex, you’re better off modeling the sections you need that resolution for separately, rather than doing it through landscape.

Assuming I understand what you mean, that means each of your tiles is several million polygons, and you’ve got 12 tiles, so… yeah.

Fair neough. I am new to… well ALL of this, learning wolrd machine from scratch (Very few tutorials on that), Unreal 5 (Because why make it easy with the very well documented 4.26), so I had no idea what I needed. I basically went with the “More is better” logic. I remade it smaller and it is now good enough. I will need to find a partner to help with the graphic and landscape side of my project.