Landscape Displacment Setup with VHFM

Hello UE5 users!

I’m struggling with the new Virtual Height Field Mesh integration. I’m wondering if anyone has a few tips on how to set up displacement for landscape shaders now. I haven’t been able to find any useful documentation on the Virtual Height Field Mesh set up process.

This developer’s videos are only helpful if you own the Open Land asset, and since I’m developing my own landscape system I’d prefer not to have to buy it to see how it works: Displacements on Unreal Engine 5(UE5) Landscapes with Virtual Heightfield Mesh - YouTube

I’ll keep working on it and share my process if I come to it on my own, but if you have any tips please share! So far I’ve got as far as setting up all the correct RVT volumes for height and materials, but I’m stuck on how exactly displacement is added to the material, or how/where to reference my material’s height map (packed into a channel of an RGBA mask texture).