Landscape disappearing

One of my students is having this issue. As he’s panning around his landscape has transparent holes. see video

how do we fix this?

Is he using a landscape material with displacement set? If yes, there might be something to solve this. Would be nice a screenshot of that material btw.

My student is using the default “M_Tech_hex_Tile_Pulse” material. i don’t know how to save the blueprint so you can see it here and zoom in and such.

heres the blueprint

I have tried with that material and I could not see anything wrong with it. I have applied in a landscape I had here and all is fine. You can try any other material and see if that effect also happens, for example the grass material M_Ground_Grass. I think if this happens with any other material it must be a problem with the graphics card driver, which might be too old, so in this case I would recommend to update it.