Landscape disappearing when reaching part of the map

Hello everyone, im not very familiar with ue4 and this is my first project.

My map only contains the persistent level and one for the landscape. I only sculpted and textured while in the landscape level, no foliage or anything else but a waterplane and simple lighting and weather matinees.
Now i ran into an issue where my landscape is fully disappearing when reaching a specific part of the map and the character starts falling into black.
(Lighting still working). its not just the part disappearing as if i type fly mode and try flying back to try let it render, its the whole landscape missing after going to this part.
My landscape size is the max possible in the editor for one single landscape(8129x8129 resolution). When not playing the landscape is shown normal with textures and i can sculp it ect.
I have no idea what i did or if it was there since creating it.

I hope someone can help me, thanks.

Sorry Necroing,

I got the exact same problem today, the problem seemed to be that after moving a distance of aprox 195000 units away in any direction from the coords x0 y0 z0(didnt test on z axis but i suspect the same would happen too) everything on the map would literally move away towards a certain direction while outside those bounds,
After testing the source problem apparently is the world origin shifting while outside those bounds,
The fix i found for it was to disable the “Enable World Origin Rebasing” option in the world settings under World (you have to expand the option for this to appear).

As i am not experienced on ue4 too much i dont know what the exact effect of this particular setting being disabled will be, or if there is some other better fix.