Landscape details and distance

hi people,

small issue i cannot get around:
parts of landscape that are more away from the camera are simplified, while the parts closer retain more detail.
the LOD´s are set to 0 but the whole terrain was setup as world composition tiles, which were then turned off.

apparently, from the wireframe view, its a tesellation issue.
how can i work around this?

attached is an example.


you could use LoDs for the landscape tiles, Simplygon can make these for you.

hmm…thanks for the input but i dont really understand what you mean.

UE seems to generate its own lod for terrain. which seems to be the problem.
i need the detail not to be reduced with distance.

i hope someone out there can shine a light on this.
it has to be a matter of setting some range there.


Have you tried decreasing the ‘LODDistance Factor’?

Debug your LOD’s with the visualiser to see what’s actually happening

Change the view port LOD to fixed at 0 if you want full detail over your terrain while believing in the view port

thank you both very much. i will look into your suggestions and report back.

had a chance to poke around and still facing the problem:
@kieranharte: since i am using world composition/levels, i dont have access to the LOD distance.
[MENTION=238293]DP Studio[/MENTION]: thank you for the tip, visualising lods helps alot. mine are only one colour no matter what distance.
fixing the LOD to 0 has apprently solve the problem but somehow only on the mesh side.
not sure what is hapenning but there is still somer sort of compression in the far corner of my terrain composition.
when i visualize the mesh only, its uniformely dense and actually looks like a solid colour due to density.

attached are the examples. dont understand what is going on with that corner there on the right.

Debug with the viewport LOD set to “Auto”, you can tweak the Landscape Mesh LOD in it’s details panel Screenshot - 8f1726782713f8b9027759d0cecc2f71 - Gyazo
It’s got to be a bug with 4.11 since I wasn’t getting this issue in 4.10
And is your heightmap’s resolution set to any of these values by default, I could be wrong, but I recall the edges of heightmaps flicking up like that when it’s not importing at the right size.
When you fly to that part of the heightmap, does it fade into its correct position?

Found this on the world machine website

hi DP,
thanks for jumping in again.
i forgot to mention that i am still on 4.10.
yes, i am referring to the chart while creating maps in order to prevent stretching or clipping.

auto LOD does display the levels as colours but since i am working with world composition and tiled proxies i do not get the LOD options at all. (only LOD system under world options, and that seems to have no effect)

when i import a single landscape, yes, the LOD options are there. not in this case though as i am only working with proxies.
confusingly, when fixed to 0, although the visualisation shows one single colour, the fully lit visualisation still has the detail reduction.

if i can clarify more or put on examples please let me know. this issue is really confusing me to no end.